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Opalus uses a dynamic investment strategy that seeks to deliver outstanding risk-adjusted returns.

Each investment opportunity is subjected to rigorous analysis and risk assessment. A systematic approach, combined with an eye for opportunity offers investors access to high quality investment opportunities not easily found elsewhere.Our strategy covers asset class selection, value creation and targeted development with the main objective to improve the assets cash-flow or generate high quality assets for sale.

Investment Overview

Opalus will provide funding and also invest in respectable growth businesses and quality real estate projects that capitalize on market supply and demand dynamics and have low to medium risk profiles.

Property investments risks are mitigated with a thorough review of innovation of design, pre-commitments, confirmed building contracts and projects that service high-demand markets.

Exit Strategies

All Opalus investment opportunities must have a clearly defined exit strategy. The ability to sell or realize assets at the appropriate time in the investment cycle is a key step in mitigating risk and delivering solid investments returns.